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Redondo Sunset Baseball All-Stars is a competitive program with the goal of sending the best players in the league to represent Sunset in PONY tournament play. In addition to providing the opportunity to compete in tournaments, our All-Star Program provides players with invaluable experiences on the field and great memories with their friends and teammates.

Below is an overview the All-Star program:

All-Stars is a major commitment.


The level of play at PONY tournaments is very high.

Our teams must work very hard to maximize their talents to play in competitive tournaments.

Teams will practice multiple times per week, in addition to Friday-Sunday tournaments most weekends.


See website for a tournament schedule. Memorial Day, South Bay, and Father’s Day tournaments are “warmup” type tournaments before PONY tournaments begin. Each team will play in at least the first two rounds of PONY tournaments listed below, starting with District. After that, it depends on the team’s performance in the tournaments. Dates are subject to change, as PONY is still securing hosts for some rounds.


    • To be eligible for All-Stars, a player must have participated in 75% of the regular season games and practices, absent injury or other good cause.
    • All-Star players are selected by the confidential vote of the all the managers in each division – there is no additional tryout.
    • We ask for your patience and understanding with the selection process – we are mindful that some players and families will be disappointed with the results because a limited number of spots are available. We promise to do our very best to fairly choose the best players from this season. The first ten players on the team will be selected one by one by confidential vote of the division’s managers. Next, the manager will be elected by confidential vote of the division’s managers. This manager may then add up to two additional players from a short list created by the division’s managers to the team.
    • Prior participation on a Select or All-Star team does not guarantee a spot on the 2024 roster.
    • Players must be willing to play for whichever manager is selected. Once teams are formed, we move immediately into ordering jerseys and other swag and into practices, so the decisions made on draft night in terms of players and coaches must be final. Thank you for understanding.
    • Depending on level of interest and available coaches, we may draft more than one All-Star team in at least some divisions. You’ll be asked to indicate during registration whether you would like to be considered for the Red team if your child doesn’t make Navy. The Red team will be selected immediately after the Navy team, so we need to know now whether your child would play Red. Red team participation in PONY tournaments subject to coach and roster interest.
    • Each player’s family must volunteer a set number of hours during the All-Star season.
    • If selected to an All-Star Team, a separate fee from the regular season is required to be paid to participate (fees are non-refundable). We expect the fees to be approximately $550 for Pony and $450 for all other divisions. The fees do not include travel costs for out-of-town tournaments.
    • There is no minimum play requirement in All-Stars.
    • Please do your best to communicate any concerns or complaints to the All-Star manager in an open, honest, and calm dialogue. The All-Star managers necessarily need thick skins because parents who are used to seeing their kids in top positions during the Rec season might see their child used differently during All-Stars. Please respect the All-Stars managers – they are still just volunteers, and they are taking on a huge responsibility for the next month or two.
    • All interested players must complete the online commitment form by Tuesday, April 23.
    • If your child does not make All-Stars, please try not to be discouraged. Plenty of players improve drastically from one season to the next as they develop physically and mentally as baseball players. There will be many opportunities for motivated players to develop their baseball skills before 2025 All-Stars.
Shetland (6U)PA (7U)PN (8U)Mustang (9U)Mustang (10U)Bronco (11U / 12U)Pony (13U / 14U)
Memorial Day - Irvine5/23-5/275/23-5/275/23-5/275/23-5/275/23-5/275/23-5/275/23-5/27
South Bay Pony Tournament6/9-6/106/9-6/106/9-6/106/9-6/106/9-6/10N/AN/A
Father's Day Tournament6/13-6/176/13-6/176/13-6/176/13-6/176/13-6/176/13-6/176/13-6/17
Super Region7/3-7/9TBD7/3-7/97/3-7/97/11-7/167/11-7/167/25-7/30
World Series7/11-7/16TBD7/11-7/147/19-7/227/26-7/297/26-7/298/9-8/14


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Emergency Information

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All-Star Commitment Questionnaire

I understand that prior selection to Select or All-Stars is not a guarantee in any way that my player will be selected for the 2024 team.(Required)
If my child is not selected for the Navy team, I would like my child considered for the Red team.(Required)
My child is willing to play for whichever manager is elected to lead the team. I understand I cannot change this decision after the manager is selected.(Required)
I understand that there is no minimum play requirement in All-Stars.(Required)
I will do my best to communicate any concerns or complaints to the All-Star manager in an open, honest, and calm dialogue. I understand that the All-Star manager has a huge responsibility and will respect them for volunteering to take that on.(Required)
I will volunteer as needed during the All Star season. This is important because this is used to offset some of the costs of the All-Star program.(Required)
My child is available for all tournaments listed on this page.(Required)

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