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Select is a program that provides the option for more advanced players to play baseball at a more challenging level during the recreational season. Select is intended to allow advanced players to experience a higher level of competition without compromising the integrity of the primary recreational league.

Select IS NOT All-Stars. It is an entirely separate program. Although players will continue to advance their level of play through the program, it is not a guarantee that those players chosen to play on a Select team will make an All-Star team. Participation in Select is not required to be selected for an All Star team.

Select teams may play only one day a week (i.e., either a practice or game(s).)


To be eligible for Select, a player must be registered with the league and on the active roster of one of the recreational league teams for the relevant division.
Playing on a select team is a privilege. Final selection of players will be made based on evaluations, previous coach’s input (such as coachability), player attitude and commitment level. Select evaluations may be held concurrently with Rec evaluations.


To be eligible to manage a Select team, the volunteer must have managed or coached at Redondo Sunset the prior year, and must have at least one year of experience managing or coaching (i.e., a dugout coach) at the All-Star level in any division.

Applicants who meet that criteria and are interested in a Select Manager position must notify the Baseball Commissioner. The Executive Board will approve Managers for each team.


A registration fee is required. Cost will include umpire fees, tournament fees (if applicable), practice facility fees (if applicable), and uniform.

Please see our Standing Rules for more information.

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