Manager's game day responsibilities

All Divisions – Both Teams

1. Field Set Up (Every Game)
a. Field Set up is performed by BOTH teams and includes:
i. Raking bases, pitcher’s mound and home plate areas. (Tools are available)
ii. Lightly watering of the infield, baselines, and home plate areas. (When hoses are available)
iii. Chalking of batting boxes, baselines and on-deck circles. (Batting outlines are available)
iv. Place pitching mound at proper measurement(s). (Measuring tapes are available)
v. Placing of bases at proper measurements – (Put base plugs in closest dugout)
2. Field Breakdown (Last game)
a. Field Breakdown is performed by BOTH teams and includes:
i. Remove / store bases in sheds or blue lockers.
ii. Dig out base anchors and replace the base plugs. (Dig out tools are available)
iii. Drag and Water fields (Drags and irrigation to be repaired. Stay tuned)
iv. Store all field prep tools in field sheds (rakes, chalks, hoses, etc)
v. Police your dugouts! All equipment and trash to be removed from the dugout.
vi. Batting cage gates locked and lights turned off after the last game.
b. Turn off, shut down the Scoreboards and place the remotes lock up the Scorer’s Booths.
c. Any Lost ‘n Found items should be placed inside the office or your field shed.
d. If you are not sure you are the last game, please breakdown the field as a safety measure.
3. Keep Official Scorebook
a. Reconciling with Visitor Scorekeepers the Score and Pitch Counts by Player/Player Attendance
i. Reconcile every inning is suggested.
ii. Home scorebook is official in case of disputes.

Scorekeeping & Pitch Counts

1. Home Team provides two new balls to the umpire
2. manages official scorebook
3. Visiting team operation Scoreboards
4. Scorekeeper to reconcile with Home scorebook every inning
5. Start Time is noted and called to both Scorekeeper and Home team
6. Log pitch counts and verify with each Manager (Home Team)

Pre-Game Protocol

1. Batting Cages are shared before game time.
2. Teams should arrive at the field 15 minutes prior to game time.
3. Home Team is in the 3rd Base dugouts on all RS fields.
4. Home Team provides two new balls to the umpire.
5. At game time, both Teams promptly take to their respective baselines for the Pledge of Allegiance.

* Game scheduling may impact these times but use this as a guideline.

Additional Requirements (Per rs 2022 Standing Rules)

6.3 Food, Smoking, Trash, etc.: No food allowed in the dugouts or score booths. The use of tobacco, including E-Cigarettes or any other smoking devices, alcohol or illegal drugs in any form by the players or adult leaders in the dugout, on the benches or on the playing field shall not be permitted. Please be conscious of trash debris around our fields and stands, especially with peanut and sunflower seed shells.

6.10 Field Prep & Chalking: Both the home team and visitor team are required to prepare the field for the game including dragging and chalking the field and installing the bases (first game of day) before the game. This rule applies to each game. For the last game of the day, both teams are required to rake the batter’s box and pitcher’s mound, when necessary. Also, both teams will bring out and put away mounds used (baseball), pitching machines (Shetland and Pinto American) and fielding equipment into their proper storage areas.

6.11 The Bases: The home and visiting team is required to pick up the bases after the game and return them to the equipment room/shed. This rule applies to the last game (Page 10) of the day only. In the event the visiting team is from another league the home team will be responsible for the bases and base plugs.

6.13 Both Teams:

6.13.1 Clean-up: Clean up the area following each game/practice. This includes policing the dugout floor and emptying the dugout trash can and cleaning around spectator stands by picking up trash on, below and around the stands, including sweep up nut and seed shells.

6.13.2 Cooperation with Umpires: Cooperate with the umpire, should improper spectator conduct occur.

6.13.3 Fielding a Team: Every manager is obligated to field his/her team for all scheduled practices and regular season games.

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